Some Fantastic Place  
      She gave to me her tenderness 
      Her friendship and her love 
      I see her face from time to time 
      There in the sky above 
      We grew up learning as we went 
      What a voyage our life could be 
      It took us through a wilderness 
      Into the calmest sea 
      Her smile could lift me from the pain 
      I often found within 
      She said some things I won't forget 
      She made a few bells ring 
      So simple her humility 
      Her beauty found in grace 
      Today she lives another life 
      In some fantastic place 
      She showed me how to raise a smile 
      Out of a bed of gloom 
      And in a garden sanctuary 
      A life began to bloom. 
      She visualised a world ahead 
      And planned how it would be 
      She left behind the strongest love 
      That lives eternally 
      I have the hope that when it's time 
      For me to come her way 
      That she'll be there to show me round 
      Whenever comes that day 
      Her love was life and happiness 
      And in her steps I trace 
      The way to live a better life 
      In some fantastic place
      (c) 1993 EMI Virgin Music Ltd.

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Some Fantastic Place. The second single from that album.
  • COMPILATIONS: Piccadilly Collection, Excess Moderation.
  • The song is about the death of Chris and Glenn's longtime friend Maxine Barker, at one time Glenn's fiancee, who encouraged him to answer Chris' ad without which there would be no Squeeze. 
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: My favourite Squeeze song is also the most personal that we have ever written. About an old friend of mine and Chris' who succumbed to leukemia. Chris gave me the lyric without saying anything and the tune wrote itself. Chris: Maxine showed me that I could change my life if I wanted to, she showed me that change is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of. Before she died we sat in her garden and took tea one afternoon. She told me how I could get my house in order and I felt very humbled. Her words rung in my head like cathedral bells and very soon I would hear what she was saying. Without her there would be no Glenn and without her this album would not have existed. "Some Fantastic Place" is the finest song we have written.