Slightly Drunk  

    WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see.  

      Slightly drunk once again  
      All alone with my pen  
      I thought I'd write to you   
      How can I say how I feel ?  
      Falling down on a deal  
      This last night with you  

      Is it the cold that makes me shake?  
      I just hope that I'm awake   
      I say alright I knew  
                                    (I knew)  

      I was wrong                     you were right  
                          (That's a line I cannot find)  
      I could not                 say goodbye  
                        (to explain just why I lied)  
      Why's it always                       feel the same?  
                                (slightly drunk what you said to me)  
      I'm in love                           once again  
                       (can't fall in love without misery)  

      I'm pretty sad but so what?  
      I should be glad but I'm not  
      I'm confused once more  
      All tangled up in your love  
      Without it now so that's tough  
      My heart cries for  

      A little talk to anger me  
      Out on the road especially  
      Back to you once more  
                                           (once more)  


      Slightly drunk once again  
      All alone without friends  
      Had it all, I know I lied  
      All my ends seem untied  
      I cannot say how I feel  

    Contributed by Roy Methley  

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Cool For Cats.