Sleeping with a Friend   
      Hand me a tissue  
      Hand me your hand  
      I feel like crying please understand  
      I have been foolish   
      I crossed that line  
      That borders friendship  
      In this bed of mine  
      We slept together  
      And it felt so wrong  
      Now I know forever  
      That that friendship has gone  

      She wore the night shirt   
      You would have worn  
      If you'd been there  
      If I had've tried  
      To stop myself acting  
      Like I chose to do   
      Is this the end  
      Need we pretend   
      I slept with a friend  
      And hurt you  

      Hand me your pencil   
      Hand me your heart  
      I feel like writing where do I start  
      We drank together and jumped into bed  
      I had the pleasure  
      Then I lost my friend  
      We slept together and the guilt's so strong  
      Now I know forever  
      That that friendship has gone

      (c) 1998

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Domino.