She Doesn't Have to Shave 
      She was washing the dishes 
      When she burst into tears 
      It was the time of the month 
      She was up to her ears 
      I put my arms round her neck 
      I said sit down a while 
      Cry as much as you like 
      I'll do the dishes 
      Tell me what's on your mind 

      There's a boiling point 
      That you're bound to reach 
      When it's all your fault 
      And you're half asleep. 
      She's lucky she doesn't have to shave 
      I'm so lucky I'm not doubled up with pain 

      Her eyes were like pools 
      Filled with newly wed tears 
      She was sat doubled up 
      With her hands on her ears 
      I felt useless 
      I smiled and I shrugged 
      I was sweet as could be 
      As I poured her some milk 
      Here was my flower 
      That was ready to wilt 

      A fairy tale finish 
      We flaked out on the floor 
      It was match of the day 
      On the TV what's more 
      I fell asleep at half time 
      We had had a right result 
      It was kisses and hugs 
      At the end of the day 
      She's the one that I love

      (c) 1989 Virgin Music Inc. (ASCAP)

  • Chords
  • FROM THE ALBUM: Frank.
  • COMPILATIONS: Up the Junction.
  • LIVE VERSIONS: A Round and a Bout.
  • Chris has remarked on more than one occasion that he wanted this to be a single but the subject matter (a man's reaction to his lover's menstrual cycle) seems to have kept it from being selected thus. On one instance (an appearance on "The Pat Sajak Show") the band were denied permission to play the song and substituted "Rose I Said" instead.
  • "I believe the lyrics on the out-chorus (while Glenn repeats the chorus at the end) are: There's a point / That you reach / Head held down / Lost for speech / Patience gone / Tact mislaid / Insults swapped / Face to face" (Bassman231)
  • "This song predated Frank by a quite a while.  I first heard them play it at Great Woods (Massachussets) on August 26, 1988." (Bassman231)