Separate Beds 

      Tonight I take her from her parents 
      I came along to her rescue 
      Without a word about arrangements 
      She came along without a clue 
      So I said my love I want to take you 
      A place I have inside my head 
      And so it seemed I had to love you 
      With some cards and separate beds 

      Her mother didn't like me 
      She thought I was on drugs 
      My mother didn't like her 
      She'd never peel the spuds 
      So we took off together 
      And stayed at Mrs. Smith's 
      Breakfast at half seven 
      Where you can view the cliffs 

      The moon was full and in our window 
      I could see her turning in her bed 
      I was loved but all in limbo 
      There was time to pass but not to spend 
      Soon I saw that this was silly 
      Spending all my wages on this peach 
      When we could sit so very pretty 
      And get our heads down out on the beach 

      Her father seemed to like me 
      I helped him fix his car 
      My father seemed to like her 
      And I couldn't see the harm 
      In going off together 
      To see the pier and lights 
      So we could be together  
      In separate beds tonight

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Argybargy.
  • COMPILATIONS: Excess Moderation.
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: If anyone has come close to the couplet "Her mother didn't like me, she thought I was on drugs/My mother didn't like her, she'd never peel the spuds", I'd like to know about it. (Chris' comments are a thoroughly unrelated remark about "Up the Junction")