Loving You Tonight  
      The full moon's glowing 
      Blood red in the sky 
      It hangs like fire 
      On this winter's night 
      I sit on feelings 
      That hang in suspense 
      Nothing in my life makes sense 
      A question mark hangs with the stars up above 
      As I'm driving home to the one that I love 
      Sometimes I can't see the trees for the wood 
      Loving you tonight feels good 

      The moonlight changes 
      From red into white 
      It sits on tree tops 
      Asleep for the night 
      I see the signpost 
      The road slowly bends 
      Nothing in my life makes sense 
      A flashing tail light speeds across the sky 
      My head's cooking trouble as thoughts seem to fry 
      The last temptation was misunderstood 
      Loving you tonight feels good 

      I'm faced with the ultimate truth 
      What if I see things don't improve 
      I know they could 
      Loving you tonight feels good 

      The sun is rising 
      There's mist all around 
      She sleeps beside me  
      And I feel so proud  
      Am I in heaven  
      With her by my side  
      This is how love feels tonight

      (c) 1993 EMI Virgin Music Ltd.

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Some Fantastic Place, it was the third single released from the LP. The 12-inch single features a radio mix, a 7" edit, and an instrumental version. The full LP version was the one generally played on the radio, though.
  • COMPILATIONS: Piccadilly Collection, Excess Moderation.
  • ALSO APPEARS ON: The soundtrack for the film Four Wedding and a Funeral.
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: The very welcome return of Paul Carrack gave us a chance to get him to sing for us again. Chris: Written in the car on the way home from the studio one night, it wrote itself word for word. Paul brings it to life each time I hear it being sung. What a great voice. The road in question was the A268 in Kent.
  • Covered by Joe Cocker on his 1997 LP Across From Midnight, a version which featured Chris D. on back vocals and Glenn on back vocals and guitar.