The Knack 

  • FROM THE ALBUM: Cool For Cats.
  • COMPILATIONS: Classics, Excess Moderation.
  • "Previously recorded for a Peel session with a guitar-oriented arrangement and Glenn on lead vocal instead of Chris" (6 of 1).
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: Second only to 'The new Lennon & McCartney', one phrase that has dogged us throughout our career has been 'Kitchen Sink Drama'. "The Knack" is not one of those. Chris: Damon Runyan stories inspired this song. Playing the number live at the Ha Ra Club in New York was a big moment for me. Glenn fingered the minimoog off to one side as Gilson pounded on the drums, and Bentley plucked away on the bass with all the poise of Basil Brush.