It's Over  
      Hey wait a minute 
      That's not right 
      I didn't want this to cause a fight 
      All I'm saying is 
      Nothing new 
      Listen to me, believe it's true 
      What's there to hide, it baffles me 
      Throw out those thoughts of jealousy 
      So don't you cry and hold your head 
      It's over 

      So wait a minute 
      Let me explain 
      Out of the blue she called again 
      To offer me 
      A peaceful meal 
      So we can talk see how we feel 
      It's nothing more than face to face 
      So trust in me I know my place 
      I know it's hard to let me go 
      It's over 
      All over 

      Have confidence 
      Have faith 
      There is no attraction there 
      And believe me 
      This way 
      I can wash her from my hair 

      Hey wait a minute 
      What's going on 
      I'm coming home where I belong 
      It's nothing more than face to face 
      Give me the time to pack my case 
      I know it's hard to let me go 
      It's over 

      What's there to hide it baffles me 
      Why should you waste your energy 
      But I won't leave if you're not sure 
      It's over 
      It's all over

      (c) 1993 EMI Virgin Music Ltd.

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Some Fantastic Place, the fourth single to be released from that album.
  • COMPILATIONS: Excess Moderation.
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: It was Pete Thomas who spotted that this was a "Beat Group" song. Once that penny had dropped, the rest fell into place. Thanks to the chap from the Levellers who lent me his Balalaika which featured in the chorus. Chris: Pete Thomas, another dream come true.