In Another Lifetime 

    WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see.  

      In another lifetime 
      This could all work out fine 
      In another lifetime 
      We could leave the past behind 
      And start again with clocks rewound 
      And love might change the pain that's found 
      Inside our hearts tonight 
      But something isn't right 

      In another lifetime 
      This could be the greatest thing 
      In another lifetime 
      You might not be here with him 
      And life could be an honest place 
      Where you and I could come to face 
      The things we need to say 
      In a careful loving way 

      Love clips your wings 
      When beauty brings itself out of the blue 
      And then you freeze 
      Love at its knees as fear engages you 

      In another lifetime 
      This could be the strongest love 
      In another lifetime 
      Going may not be so rough 
      And we could be not drawn apart 
      By other worlds that hold our hearts 
      And keep love to one side 
      With our hands completely tied 

      Tears roll down I turn away 
      Drive towards another day 
      Decisions made are sometimes tough 
      And show the strength of those in love 

      In another lifetime 

  • Appears on "This Summer (remix)" CD single #3.