Images of Loving  
      Your initials on the singles 
      That you chose to leave behind 
      Sit in my collection 
      They get played from time to time 
      Left to remind me of something I'd forgot 
      The images of loving before I lost the plot 

      What was love to us 
      Just sensation 
      What was love to us 
      The invitation 
      To sit on my bed stand by a tree 
      What were we feeling 
      What was love to us 

      The stagecoach would get held up 
      On a Sunday afternoon 
      We're dozing by the TV 
      On a sofa with no room 
      No room to lay out flat with her there by my side 
      One eye on her movements one eye on Rawhide 

      I just wasn't made for these times 
      Spun around my record deck 
      How green was my valley 
      How blue the eyes that wept 
       Looking back I don't think that I really cared 
      This was my first lesson with nothing to compare

      (c) 1993 EMI Virgin Music Ltd.

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Some Fantastic Place.