If It's Love  
      If it's love  
      That would really explain it  
      How I feel like I'm covered in wool 
      If it's love  
      Then it's really exciting  
      And my diary's become very full 
      If it's love does it matter 
      If I'm thin or I'm fatter  
      If it's love then it feels like I've won the pools 

      If it's love  
      Then it needs some devotion  
      And I feel like I'm walking on air 
      If it's love  
      Then I feel like I'm floating  
      Through my world without knowing who's there 
      If it's love someone slap me 
      Is this me that's so happy  
      If it's love then I'm laughing like I don't care 

      If it's love then my teeth are clean for a change 
      If it's love then that's why I'm feeling so strange 

      If it's love  
      Then I need it forever  
      Like the beats that keep time in my heart 
      If it's love  
      Then I fall like a feather  
      I'm an egg in the teeth of a shark 
      If it's love I'm inspired 
      I'm up late, Iím not tired  
      If it's love my world is about to spark 

      If it's love love love love love love

      (c) 1989 Virgin Music Inc. (ASCAP)

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Frank, the lead single from that album.
  • COMPILATIONS: Greatest Hits, Piccadilly Collection and Master Series (in a version called the "single version" which is different in exactly no ways at all from the LP version).
  • LIVE VERSIONS: A Round and a Bout.