I Think I'm Go Go
      Funny words I cannot read
      Trams and boats where Strauss is street
      Milky way and far out looks
      On your bike and Anne Frank books
      Down the disco it's clockworktime
      Where's the humour where am I

      This world's got smaller
      I'm shaking lots of hands
      Saying lots of things
      That no one understands
      You can shake my tree
      But you won't get me
      Where am I
      I think I'm go go, go go, go go 

      Liquor store and rodeos
      P I X and rock and roll
      The freckled face the thin and fat
      The drive-in films and drive-in macs
      Strip and porno neon signs
      Where's the building where am I 

      Buckingham Palace trains all late
      Funny little men all out in the rain
      Car front deals and after pubs
      Tenth year plays and seedy clubs
      Iffy people don't seem to mind
      Where's the action where am I

  • Chords
  • FROM THE ALBUM: Argybargy.
  • COMPILATIONS: Excess Moderation, Up the Junction.
  • A rare example of Chris and Glenn singing a verse each.
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: Probably our first "on the road" song inspired by a week when we played London, Amsterdam and New York. Getting used to touring is enough to inspire bemusement in anybody and we were no exception. Featuring an inspired string arrangement by Del Newman, who was to provide many fine arrangements for us over the next few years. Chris: Del Newman loved to wear Icelandic boots to the studio, he was larger than life to me at the time and as cool as they came with a baton.
  • Chris: "That was influenced by touring. I felt like I was going go-go last night after doing two shows. I felt like this is murder. The lyrics speak about different continents. And the middle verse that I sing is obviously about America. It's about a state of mind one can get in as a young musician on the road for the first time. Abusing one's self to the nth degree." Was the ascending chord progression and melody in the chorus on 'Go-go-go-go'  part of your original conception? Chris: "No, Glenn did that. I don't know what enhanced him to do that but it made perfect sense. He's fantastic at weaving a chord sequence, there's no doubt about that. It mesmerizes me how he gets that together. He creates some really fascinating tapestries with what he does." (from a 1992 Song Talk interview with Paul Zollo)