I Can't Hold On 
      In the corner by the D.J. unit  
      The flag of beauty my eyes salute it,  
      She likes love  
      By luck or labour  
      She likes love  
      But not for favour - can't hold on 
      She keeps her lips on the straw she's sucking  
      Looks up to me but her eyes see nothing,  
      Love’s her stare  
      The steps to her heart  
      Love’s the climb  
      The bite not her bark.  

      I pour the milk into the cat's saucer  
      I'm John Wayne as I'm walking towards her,  
      She'd like to dance  
      But not this minute  
      She's the fish I'd love to fillet.  
      I draw first with a stammer of verbal  
      We dance like pigeons forever in circle,  
      She likes to dance  
      Her cocktails shaken  
      She likes love  
      And it's temptation 

      The lights flash green 
      My envy lights up  
      The lights just flash 
      And I feel tied up,  
      Love’s for sale 
      And I am sold on  
      But there's no way 
      That I can hold on 
      I can't hold on

      (c) 1982 Illegal Songs (BMI)

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Sweets From a Stranger.
  • COMPILATIONS: Master Series.
  • Not released as a single, it nonetheless received a substantial amount of airplay in the US on FM stations.