Hope Fell Down
      You’re banging your drum 
      You blow your own trumpet 
      Your ship came in 
      And your fanfare sunk it 
      The tide has turned, our love’s gone forever 
      I stand on the shore 
      As it floats down the river 

      I had such hopes 
      I had such visions planned 
      The frames were shot 
      But now our future’s canned 
      I had my hopes so high 
      They fell right down 

      I’m banging my head 
      You watch without malice 
      (You watch with no interest at all) 
      I bet all your friends 
      Compare this to “Dallas” 
      (I might as well talk to a brick wall) 
      So under the arm I feel the cold shoulder 
      So I’ll once again 
      Have to play the wild rover 

      Do I need all this pressure 
      Do I bury my temper

      (c) 1984 Virgin Music Inc. (ASCAP)

  • Chords
  • FROM THE ALBUM: Difford & Tilbrook, it was the second single released from that EP. The single edit is roughly 40 seconds shorter than the album version.
  • COMPILATIONS: Excess Moderation, and a  remixed version of the song is included on the Piccadilly Collection.
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: Was written by pretending to be the Temptations. Chris: Chord changes to make your knees knock and your hair stand on end, this could be a huge hit with some love and care.