Happiness is King 

    WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see. 

      He rushed home from work with a huge bunch of flowers 
      And sat at her bedside for two or three hours 
      She puffed and panted and timed the contractions 
      He packed up a suitcase and swung into action 
      He was pouring with sweat as they pulled from the drive 
      He started to panic as he sped through the night 
      He had to have gas to calm down his condition 
      You'd think it was him who was in there delivering 

      Six years of trying and trying so hard 
      Had led to the moment that melted their hearts 
      She thought it was her, he thought it was him 
      But love persevered and now happiness is king 
      He looked through the sheets at the head of his baby 
      And stirred by the sight he got tearful and shaky 
      The nurse wiped his forehead, and time froze in motion 
      He looked at his loved one, her eyes so wide open 

      He blinked and out came the rest of the body 
      It was covered in blood, all wrinkled and soggy 
      The stork had delivered the knot in the evening 
      Six years they'd been waiting, and here it was sleeping 

  • The B-side to "Satisfied".
  • The drum track for this song is the same as that for "Wicked and Cruel". (Scott Rodas)