Goodbye Girl
      I met her in a poolroom (bar room)
      Her name I didn't catch
      She looked like something special
      The kind who'd understand
      The room was almost spinning
      She pulled another smile
      She had the grace like pleasure
      She had a certain style

      Sunlight on the lino
      Woke me with a shake
      I looked around to find her but she'd gone
      Goodbye Girl
      Goodbye Girl
      Goodbye Girl

      She took me to her hotel (motel)
      The room on the second floor
      A kettle and two coffees
      Her number on the door
      She said I hardly know you
      Agreed we kissed goodnight
      I knew that in the morning
      Somehow I'd wake to find

      I lost my silver razor (my blue address book)
      My clubroom locker keys
      The money in the waistcoat (fur coat)
      It doesn't bother me
      My wife has moved to Guernsey (Boston)
      So mug is not the word
      If you ever see her
      Say hello Goodbye Girl

  • Chords
  • FROM THE ALBUM: Cool For Cats. Released as a single at the end of 1978, the version on the LP is a different recording that the single, with slightly different lyrics. Still another studio take, this time with Americanized lyrics was released as a US single and can be found by the intrepid on the Canadian remastered version of Singles.
  • COMPILATIONS: Singles - 45's and Under, Greatest Hits (both feature the UK single version), Up the Junction (LP version).
  • LIVE VERSIONS: 1) A rockbailly-styled take on the 6 Squeeze Songs Crammed Into One 10-Inch Record release. 2) A reggaefied version on the "It's Over" CD single.  3) An acoustic live version on "This Summer" CD single #1. 4) A different acoustic live version on the "Heaven Knows" CD single/Albert Hall live album.
  • Lino = linoleum.