(Public Domain) 

  • FROM THE ALBUM: Frank.
  • This is not, in fact, a song, but 10 seconds of studio chatter. This is the newsgroup's best go and deciphering it.
    • E.T. Thorngren (producer): Here we go! Who counts? (or "roll counts" - uncertain since it doesn't sound like it's being posed as a question, but the next line doesn't make sense if it's not)   
      Jools: Fatty. (a reference to Gilson, who had recently lost much weight)   
      (someone sniggers. Glenn?)   
      E.T.: Somebody count!   
      Gil: I'm not fat.   
      Jools: I take it back, I take it back. Alright?

  • Michelle J. offers this transcription of a radio interview in which Glenn talks about the track.
    • This interview took place on WLUP radio in Chicago with Danny Bonaduce, Glenn and Chris in November 1994 when they were in Chicago, and just wonderful I might add.  

      Caller: At the beginning of Frank,  
      GT:  Yeah  
      Caller: where you guys, ok I can recite the whole thing, where its like ok, who counts, and you say "fatty"  
      GT: Actually, it's Jools who says "fatty" It was the first day of recording and.. well Gilson was having a a bit of a thing with is weight at the time, and Jools laughingly referred to him as fatty and Gilson our drummer at the time got a bit upset.  
      caller: oh ok  
      GT: so there was a 10 second period of silence followed by "I'm not fat" (laughter)