You infiltrate my every hour 
      You bug me like a flea 
      I only wish I had the power 
      To cut you free of me 
      Like some crustacean on my hull 
      You stick with me and make life dull 
      How can I make you see 
      Iím in love with you 

      You typify the things to me 
      That I no longer do 
      So get a grip and let me be 
      And my life will improve 
      Leave me alone, get off my case 
      Youíre always there right in my face 
      But that is nothing new 
      Iím so in love with you 

      Itís funny how I loved you like 
      The bottle at my lips 
      And when I fell off of my bike 
      My life had been eclipsed 
      By all the grief and disbelief there at your finger 
      At your fingertips 

      You hoover up the very words 
      I choose to throw away 
      I know some people never learn 
      So how can I complain 
      You hiss at me and make me shake 
      Like some old grumpy rattlesnake 
      Letís think this through again 
      Iím so in love with you

      (c) 1995 EMI Virgin Music Ltd.

  • FROM THE ALBUM: Ridiculous.