The Elephant Ride 
      Today is none of our concern 

      That rewarding cigarette 
      That burns slowly by the bed 
      Fills the room with mystery 
      The apple ripens on the tree 
      That protected seal of love 
      Broken by the flame of fun 
      Lying back with Exodus 
      In the arms of lovers trust 

      That romantic dance of light 
      From the curtain broken night 
      Shadows fall on mystery 
      Love has ripened here for me 
      Stubbing out the cigarette 
      I see the clothes beside the bed 
      As the half light of the day 
      Pulls the sheet up once again 

      As the phone hangs by the cord 
      As the streets begin to fill 
      There's no distance anymore 
      There's no wanting when you will 
      Will be sleeping through the day 
      As the world around us turns 
      As the phone hangs by the cord 
      Today is none of our concern

      (c) 1982 Illegal Songs, Inc. (BMI)

  • Chords
  • FROM THE ALBUM: Sweets From a Stranger.
  • COMPILATIONS: Excess Moderation.
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: With Sweets From a Stranger came, for the first time, the disappointment of making an album not as good as the last one. It did, however, have some individual moments that I'm very proud of. This song has both a sense of satisfaction and an air of melancholy that we have rarely equalled since. Chris: It's Sunday morning, it's black coffee in bed, the afterglow of love is fragrantly hanging in the bedroom air. The best version of this song was done by Aimee Mann on a tour we did together a few years ago, her harmony with Glenn was as close as they ever get to being heart wrenching.