Elephant Girl 

    WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see. 

      Shes interested in me 
      Im interested in her 
      But theres a distance 
      Each morning as she walks  
      Our eyes exchange a thought 
      Our hearts, an interest 

      Ive seen her at the club 
      Expanding with the funk 
      She looks so brilliant 
      She sticks close to her friends 
      And when the music ends 
      She is the Indian 

      Id like to meet the Elephant Girl 
      I feel we know each other so well 
      From eyes that meet the love they seek 
      Interested to get close to you 
      Interested to get close to you 

      Im interested to meet 
      The girl that looks at me 
      I will be trying 
      Her colour unlike mine 
      Her hair the plaited vine 
      I will be climbing 

      My leg is always pulled 
      By friends who really would 
      But say they wouldnt 
      The jokes against my heart 
      Immediately she's barred 
      Their hearts are wooden 

      Id like to meet, etc... 

      Im interested in her 
      Shes interested in me 
      Her distance shortens 
      She walks towards the light 
      I walk towards the lines 
      That seem important 

      Im counting up to ten 
      By five she's gone again 
      Into the distance 
      I'll try again to nudge my  
      Courage for the love/look 
      Without resistance 

      Id like to meet, etc... 

    Initial Interpretation by Heidi L. Sackerson. Revisions by Andrea D'Aquino, Michele Kinnamon, Anonymous, Erik Novales. 

  • The B-side to "When the Hangover Strikes"
  • COMPILATIONS: Piccadilly Collection.