Down in the Valley 
      My grandparents lived in Delafield Road 
      Right across from the Valley 
      And when ever Charlton were playing at home 
      The sound of the match would carry 
      As I grew older I went to the ground 
      And joined in with the singing 
      I became one voice in a very big sound 
      It's so great now that we're winning 

      So when Saturday comes 
      There's no time for glums 
      There's no time for losers at all 
      And when the Robins sing 
      It's a happening thing 
      There's no time to take your eye off the ball 

      Down in the Valley 
      One Two Three Four Five 
      It's in the net 
      So say goodbye 

      Down in the Valley where the Robins wait 
      Drums keep beating 
      As a new dawn breaks 
      The team's in the tunnel 
      And emotions run high 
      We're back in the running 
      Our dreams are alive 

      Down in the Valley 
      With the Mums and Dads 
      Kids in the red shirts and the woollen hats 
      The tribe is meeting in the covered stands 
      This is the passion of the Charlton fans 
      It's another great reason why you'd want to be 
      In south east London with the family 

      At the end of the day 
      We're going to roll up our sleeves 
      It's a game of two halves 
      If you know what we mean 
      We are over the moon 
      Or as sick as a pup 
      And it looks like from here 
      The only way is up

      (c) 1998 EMI/Virgin Music Ltd.

  • Single-only release from 1998. This was recorded in support of the Charlton Athletics football team and features members of the team on back vocals. Four different versions of the track appear on the single.
  • The only Squeeze members to appear on the single are Chris Difford and Glenn.