I knew that I had drunk too much  
      I had passed my drink degree  
      I climbed into my rented car  
      I was happy as could be  
      Then I pulled out of the driveway  
      And the lights began to blur  
      Within a mile the car was stopped  
      By a police officer - she said  
      "Did you see the light was red?  
      Did you see the light at all?"  
      Then I fell into her open arm  
      And that's all that I recall  

      I knew that I had danced before  
      But it never made the news   
      Surprised to find my two left feet  
      In John Travolta's shoes  
      I hogged the space around a girl  
      I found so full of verve  
      Then I moved in slowly for the kill  
      And watched her body swerve,  
      She said "did you know I'm not impressed  
      With the way you dance at all"  
      Then I fell into her open arms  
      And that's all that I recall  

      Blacked out and wasted  
      I had to be persuaded   
      With my view a little jaded  
      That I was about to go   
      Down like a domino  

      I knew that I had said too much  
      But tact was not my way  
      Tears were on her bottom lip  
      She had nothing more to say except 
      "Did you know this love we have  
      has made me feel so small"  
      then I fell into her open arms  
      and that's all that I recall

  • Chords
  • FROM THE ALBUM: Domino.
  • Debuted on Glenn's spring 1998 solo shows in the UK.
  • John Travolta: Popular American actor, who became the most indelible icon of the disco era thanks to his charisma and dancing in the film Saturday Night Fever (1977).