black coffee in bed  
      There's a stain on my notebook  
      Where your coffee cup was  
      And there's ash in the pages  
      Now I've got myself lost  
      I was writing to tell you  
      That my feelings tonight  
      Are a stain on my notebook  
      That rings your goodbye  

      With the way that you left me  
      I can hardly contain  
      The hurt and the anger  
      And the joy of the pain  
      Now knowing I am single  
      They'll be fire in my eyes  
      And a stain on my notebook  
      For a new love tonight  

      From the lips without passion  
      To the lips with a kiss  
      There's nothing of your love  
      That I'll ever miss  
      The stain on my notebook  
      Remain all that's left  
      Of the memory of late nights  
      And coffee in bed  

      Now she's gone  
      And I'm back on the beat  
      A stain on my notebook  
      Says nothing to me  
      Now she's gone  
      And I'm out with a friend  
      With lips full of passion  
      And coffee in bed

      (c) 1982 Illegal Songs (BMI) 

  • Chords
  • FROM THE ALBUM: Sweets From a Stranger, the first single to be released from that album.
  • COMPILATIONS: Singles - 45's and Under, Greatest Hits, Piccadilly Collection, and Master Series, all in its unedited 6 minutes and 11 seconds glory.
  • OTHER APPEARANCES: An edited version was released in some countries as a single, and this version appears on A&M's "Black Coffee"/"Tempted" CD single. 
  • LIVE VERSIONS: A 1985 live version appears on the "Trust Me To Open My Mouth" 12-inch and the US "Footprints" CD single. Another live version appears on A Round and a Bout - this one is edited down on the vinyl edition.
  • John Bentley, Gilson Lavis, and Don Snow all opposed this song's inclusion on Sweets, let alone its release as a single.
  • Covered by Marti Jones on her 1996 LP My Long Haired Life.