Big Beng 
      The liberator of sin   
      The giver of delight  
      I took the drug   
      And went out like a light  
      I giggled on the bed   
      As I stared at the wall   
      I was the one who felt ever so small   
      I couldn't take it   
      I couldn't win with my thoughts  
      Forever playing chess   
      And keeping reports   
      On whatever I saw   
      And whatever moved   
      I was emperor for an hour   
      I had nothing else to do  

      The universe caved in   
      My legs fell away  
      I took the drug but you didn't say   
      That I would be you and you would be me  
      When I took the pill   
      That put me to sleep   
      I couldn't take it   
      I couldn't spin all the plates  
      Forever in a mind field of personal games   
      What could I do   
      I was Caesar of Rome   
      Thank God I woke up   
      To find you had come home

      (c) 1985 Virgin Music Inc. (ASCAP)

  • FROM THE ALBUM: Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti.
  • "Apparently an account of experimentation with hallucinogenic drugs" (Six of One).