Annie Get Your Gun
      She goes for her medical 
      She's passed, it's a miracle 
      She's up over the moon 
      She whistles nonsense tunes 
      She wants drinks for everyone 
      She's found a chord that she can strum 
      Emotions leaking out 
      Her paint's all over town 

      What's that she's playing? 
      (Annie get your gun) 
      What's that she's taking? 
      (The song has to be sung) 
      She's gone electric 
      (Annie wipe them out) 
      That's unexpected 
      (Strum that thing and shout) 
      Don't pull that trigger 
      (Annie get your gun) 
      Don't shoot that singer 
      (You're shooting number one) 

      He's not into miracles 
      Sees life all too cynical 
      The cat has got his tongue 
      Now she bangs on his drum 
      He says pull the other one 
      Bells ring, look what you have done 
      Emotions leaking out 
      Her paint's all over town 

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  • COMPILATIONS: The lone new track on Singles - 45's and Under, it has since been featured on A&M Classics, Greatest Hits, Piccadilly Collection, and Up the Junction.
  • LIVE VERSIONS: 1) Released as the single from A Round and a Bout (it also appeared on the LP). 2) The "Heaven Knows" singles and Live at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Chris: "Annie was not a real person. It was a jumble of ideas, really. Kind of a melting pot of images more than anything else. I had written, a lot earlier in my life, songs about Annie Oakley. I don't know whether that had anything to do with that, but it probably did." (from a Song Talk interview with Paul Zollo, 1992)