Six of One
Six of One... a boxed set of Squeeze's first six albums remastered with archival bonus tracks, was released in the UK on October 20th. What follows is the track listing, what you will have in your hands when you pick up the set. Bonus tracks are marked with a (*).
Note: Early reports suggested that these new versions of the CDs would be available only in the box. Most online sources now claim that each album (with bonus tracks) will also be issued individually, with the box limited to a pressing of 3,000. The advantage of buying the box will apparently be the packaging, a book(let) and a slightly lower price tag. 

Catalogue Number: 5408012 


UK SqueezeDisc One: Sex Master / Bang Bang / Strong in Reason / Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil / Out of Control / Take Me I'm Yours / The Call / Model / Remember What / First Thing Wrong / Hesitation (Rool Britannia) / Get Smart / Deep Cuts* / Heartbreak*.

Cool For CatsDisc Two: Slap and Tickle / Revue / Touching Me, Touching You / It's Not Cricket / It's So Dirty / The Knack / Hop, Skip and Jump / Up the Junction / Hard to Find / Slightly Drunk / Goodbye Girl / Cool For Cats / I Must Go* / Ain't It Sad*.

ArgybargyDisc Three: Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) / Another Nail For My Heart / Separate Beds / Misadventure / I Think I'm Go Go / If I Didn't Love You / Farfisa Beat / Here Comes That Feeling / Vicky Verky / Wrong Side of the Moon / There at the Top / Funny How It Goes* / Go*. 

East Side StoryDisc Four: In Quintessence / Someone Else's Heart / Tempted / Piccadilly / There's No Tomorrow / Heaven / Woman's World / Is That Love? / F-Hole / Labelled With Love / Someone Else's Bell / Mumbo Jumbo / Vanity Fair / Messed Around / The Axe Has Fallen* / Looking For a Love*. 

Sweets From A StrangerDisc Five: Out of Touch / I Can't Hold On / Points of View / Stranger Than the Stranger on the Shore / Onto the Dance Floor / When the Hangover Strikes / Black Coffee In Bed / I've Returned / Tongue Like a Knife / His House, Her Home / The Very First Dance / The Elephant Ride / I Can't Get Up Anymore*/ When Love Goes to Sleep*. 

Cosi Fan Tutti FruttiDisc Six: Big Beng / By Your Side / King George Street / I Learnt How To Pray / Last Time Forever / No Place Like Home / Heartbreaking World / Hits of the Year / Break My Heart / I Won't Ever Go Drinking Again (?) / The Fortnight Saga* / Love is a 4 Letter Word*. 

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In the US fans have recommended using Thoughtscape.
The box set is listed at $72.99 + $4.50 shipping
Their phone number is 1-800-435-6185
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